La profeta Cindy Jacobs en Salta

Se trata de un reunión gratuita para el público en general para el día 11 y 12 de abril, donde la profeta Cindy Jacobs compartirá una palabra para el pueblo cristiano. El mismo es organizado por la Iglesia  Catedral de los Milagros, cito en Av. Paraguay 1489. Las puertas se abrirán a las 19 hs.

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  17. I can remember much of what happened when I was wearing certain clothes, but that doesn't really stop me from wearing them. I think the only ever gotten rid of one thing because it reminded me so much of what happened when I was wearing it. Anyway, I think the fact that you like the freaky stuff is a compliment! Obviously that cape & bag are fabulous!


  19. You are absolutely right, we do not need this type of tactic. This is the type of thing that the left does and we do not need to stoop to their level. They are doing a great job of exposing themselves and we should just let them keep on doing it. I am glad that these resigned–if they were Democrats this certainly would not have been the case.

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  30. Thanks so much Life and Ink. When you wrote about Ted, I realized that Emma doesn’t care either, but then my son, Nic couldn’t care less either, so I’m not sure I can draw any conclusions yet as they are both still so young. Em did say the other day, “Have to wash Cokie.” (Her blanket that can smell a bit “ripe” as Richard puts it.

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  35. Pumpkin Butter is my favorite! If you canned any you can send a "little" jar my way? KIDDING!! I am pretty sure that your photos can't get any BETTER!! I am definitely going to make a batch of this!!

  36. May21Selina L. (FB Comments 5/21/11) What a great show tonight!… had so much fun!BEST NIGHT EVER!!!! SAW AJ CASTILLO TONIGHT… GOSH DAMN .. THATS ALL I GOT TO SAY… I LOVE HIM!

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  41. there are such beautiful details here — such a lovely home! There is something so special about the second space — maybe it's the high ceilings, maybe it's the window and chandelier, or perhaps it's all of these elements together. I just love it! I hope your weekend was just splendid my friend, xoxo

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  44. I am helping to teach a sewing class at a co-op with middle/high school girls. We need to come up with three more projects for beginner sewers. So far we have pajama bottoms, scrunchies, zippered pouch, pillowcase, and pillow. Do you have any other suggestions and/or websites/youtubes you would recommend? We want it simple, but something the girls would be proud of. Loved looking at your projects!

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  47. is true. For years, I allowed certain thoughts to control what I did. The way others perceived me is who I became. Now, I’m 56 and a lot of years were wasted, but not the future years. I’ve grown and changed, and I know that I have to motivate myself to greater success and stop being what the old perceptions were!

  48. Marcus, wowDidn’t know first to smile, to raise my eyebrows or just to read on. Did the first and the latter You’ve touched on something here my friend. Must say I’m not ‘religious’ (call myself a Christian, am a follower of the teachings of Jesus and think I pray sometimes) but you’ve touched a nerve.Don’t know what comment I would leave on that blog, probably would just read the posts and comments and would feel blessed I’m rich and content with what I have and the friends and freedom I have compared to many others.Bless you, my friend

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  53. Im totally against turning my yard into a toxic waste dump to kill off the bamboo. I ripped up all small plants and ivy this weekend and will deal with the bamboo sprouts one at a time so that its never successful at getting any sun light. Ive heard that it eventually rots away at the roots if you are patient and persistent.

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  57. I have way too much of all kinds of fabric. I love to have holiday fabric on hand so when inspiration strikes I am ready to go. I know when I line inspires me I need to get it before it sells out.

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  64. “It’s so nice to know that no matter what happens to you or how you try to help your race there will always be someone darker behind you telling you that they have it worse and snickering behind your back. Thanks for making us ‘prove it’ every day. Appreciate it.” It’s all Mr. Charly’s fault!

  65. You are an awesome Mom, Elaine! I know your son will be very happy that he can still eat all the treats. So glad that you reminded me of these cookies, I think I must make them now! Merry Christmas!

  66. 250K #35 – This is kind of like the “all real estate is local” argument. Problem is that the entire sysytem is sick. A crisis of confidence is starting in the real estate market. To say that areas in this region are not meaningfully impacted by the DEAD market is kind of like believing the patient may die of brain cancer but his feet will be just fine.

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  72. Of course on the mattyglesias site EVERY COMMENTATOR on EVERY TOPIC is Jewish. And although as of two weeks ago he was aligned with Meryl Yourish on Israel – NOW, SUDDENLY…he’s a BRAVE NEW CRITIC of ISRAEL.

  73. I don’t think you are reading too much into the game. I agree that “women are moody” is a stereotype that needs to be done away with. Further, the moods don’t even seem to make much sense as you describe them (I admit I have not played). What does being sad have to do with running faster? When people are sad or depressed they tend to be slower rather than faster. Running faster seems more associated with fear. Also, I am confused by the difference between being happy and being joyful. Aren’t these the same thing? Perhaps I am missing something.

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